Team Ethnic Wear Vs. Team Western Wear

Take popcorn and be prepared for a massive battle between team Ethnic wear & team Western wear.

World cup finale is just around the corner and so is the long schedule of grand festivals of our beautiful nation. Hence it is obvious that some will go for Ethnic wear to give their pure traditional & celebration vibes throughout for rest of the year, especially for this beautiful days and some people will choose western wear so they can flaunt their looks and be more flexible with working and going places.

But if we dig deeper at the benefits of both, there are definitely some points that cannot be overlooked. So let’s start the match.

1. Why Ethnic wear?

Now if we study the usual scenario of males than they are always geared up for most of the occasions and even for a huge celebration they go for ethnic wear, as it shows off the diversity of their looks, and different vibes they generate. You’ll always find your dad or brother in Shervani or suit in a close wedding. Kurta, or Pathani if not so close. But if they’re missing this charm and occasion is about to arrive, then worry not you’re at the right place.

When it comes to females the scenario is different altogether. Everything is either available yet old to them, or they go as per trending fashion and make the best out of the outfit. That’s the reason Fabcurate is your on the go friend. Kurti, Salwar Suit, Saree, or Chaniya Choli, everything with trendy designs and premium segment fabric quality at the most affordable price is available to you. So if you’re big-time Traditional aka Ethnic wear fan, your search for soulful fashion ends here.

2. Why no Western wear?

It’s comfy, trendy and mainly it comes with multiple variants. It is great for daily fashion goers and still achieves using the same apparel to look fabulously amazing at grand celebrations. Also, Western wear holds multiple options to pick from, thereby one or the other way it will be needed and helpful.

So both have their own benefits but let’s see who steals the charm now!!!

3. Accessories

Ethnic wear starts looking glorious just when you wear it, but yet a part of you is seeking the accessories that will complete and complement the entire look. Jewelry, yes Ethnic wear is technically not complete without jewelry as it generates glorious vibes when you wear it. Be it silver or gold jewelry, or even earrings and few other things can complete the look if not jewelry. So you can always go for Ethnic wear without having to worry about whether you’ll be looking miraculously gorgeous or the usual.

Western wear, on the other hand, is a bit different thing. While heavy jewelry won’t be doing any good to your presence, small and decent jewelry would add the charm and make your western outfit stand apart from the crowd. A purse with handicraft designs or just a simple but vibrant and colorful purse will also do good.

Final Winner

This is actually a tie between both, or perhaps both are equally winning our hearts. Both come with their own advantages.

If you want that pure festival or celebration vibe then nothing is better than Ethnic wear and if you want to stand out from the ordinary people and want some flexibility in your apparel then Western wear can be your savior.

But whatever you choose, make sure to get the best of both from Fabcurate with premium segment designs and quality fabrics at an affordable price.

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